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Welcome to the Thursty Toad Bar & Grill. While the Thursty Toad waits for our liquor license to be approved, and for the state health department to inspect our kitchen, please feel free to pull up a bar stool and enjoy a cold glass of ice water and a bowl of stale pretzels while you listen to a few of our bartender's bad bar jokes and bad bar humor, including some of the internet's best blonde humor, redneck humor, and cheesy pick up lines .

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Mr. Toad's "Best Bar Humor" Bar Joke of the Month

joke of the monthA man walks into a bar and orders twelve shots of the bar's finest whiskey.

The bartender lines up twelve shot glasses and pours twelve shots.

The man grabs the first shot and slams it, and then starts drinking the rest as fast as he can...

The surprised bartender asks the man, "Pardon me, sir, but why are you drinking these shots so fast?"

The guy pauses just for a moment and replies, "You'd be be drinking fast too, buddy, if you had what I have..."

The puzzled bartender then asks, "What do you have?"

The man replies, "75 cents."

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