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Tim "The Toolman" Taylor,
the original Mr Fix-It

Any self-respecting male will have a list of unfinished projects, plus projects on the backburner, potential projects that exist only in his head, and a huge "To Do" list or projects generated by and regularly updated by his spouse. A real man should also have a list for finished projects, with the goal being to move projects from the unfinished projects list to the finished projects list. Of course, a project can't be moved until it is truly done, done right, and perfected.

I, your Thursty Toad bartender and proprietor, am a typical male, aka real man, and have many projects in process. I thought I'd share a few of them with you, and update them as they move along the path to becoming a finished project.

I. The Thursty Toad website:
Of course this website is my newest unfinished project, and will probably remain an unfinished project for quite some time. After all, who can ever get enough blonde jokes, redneck jokes, cheesy pick-up lines, and other classic bar humor? As long as there are new jokes to add, I suppose the Thursty Toad will have to remain at the top of my Unfinished Projects list.

II. The Backyard Zip Line:
I built a zip line in the back yard for my kids. It has gone through several iterations, and is probably my classic "unfinished project". Version One was a nylon cord stretched about fifty feet between two trees with a handle on a single pulley wheel that one had to hang on to by hand and dangle from. I quickly learned that nylon stretches, meaning that one only went about half way down the zip line before hitting the ground. Version Two replaced the nylon rope with a steel cable (rated for 5,000 pounds!). Then I discovered that little kids don't have a great deal of hand strength and could let go of the handle and fall to the ground with a bit of force at the end of the line, so Version Three replaced the handle with a seat arrangement... I'm now up to Version Six (I think), but I still have some ideas to further improve the zip line... pictures, possibly video, and more details to come... :)

III. Other Projects Around The House:
Trapping pesky gophers is a never ending project. I doubt I'll ever be able to move that one to the "finished projects" list, though I got some cool new "cinch traps" that seem to be almost too good to be true....
Building a tree fort. It's getting there, but there is always room for improvement.
Additional projects to be listed soon.

IV. Work:
Also known as putting food on the table and paying the bills, work is my main unfinished project. Some day I'll be able to retire from my day job... maybe. Of course, then my dream is to open the real Thursty Toad Pub (or Bar and Grill), so I guess I'll probably never stop working... and I'll never stop dreaming. :)

looking for healthy organic funny green toad foodV. Getting a real live toad as a mascot for the pub...
My son wants to get a real live green toad, and says he can be the Thursty Toad's mascot. Of course that means the toad would have to be funny and have a good sense of humor, if a real toad can have such a thing. I definitely wouldn't get a cane toad from Australia, even though they are impressively enormous! But my problem is that I don't know what I would feed the toad, or if the toad's diet determines the toad's temperament? I suppose it would have to be nutritious and organic, but when I google "healthy organic green toad food recipes" I can't really find anything? So I'm wondering, what food do you feed a toad, especially if you want him to be healthy, and, of course, to also be a funny green toad, worthy of being a mascot for the Thursty Toad?
Hmmmm... food for though, or for a big fat hungry green toad, I suppose...

VI. Sponsors?
A friend of mine suggested that the Thursty Toad should have a group of sponsors to make it look "professional". Hmmmm... when I hear the word "sponsor" the first thing I think of is AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), which is not an organization that most pubs and bars would really want to be associated with. In any event, the Thursty Toad doesn't have its liquor license yet and isn't a real, brick-and-mortar bar/pub/grill yet, so I'm not sure if we should have any official "real" sponsors, but I suppose we could make up a few fictitious sponsors for fun based on the themes of beer companies, rednecks, and toads...

VII. Does the Thursty Toad do catering now?
I received a strange email about ravenous trade show booths that are being constructed by a ravenous trade show displays company. I guess the former owner of this ravenous trade show displays company decided to build way too many ravenous trade show booths, and now the new owner doesn't know what to do with what he thinks is just trade show refuse. He heard about the Thursty Toad and thought we might be able to use them for our catering business. But not only do we not have a catering business, we aren't even a real bar and grill... we are just a virtual bar and grill. I don't know how some people get so confused... but maybe we should consider getting into the catering business?

hard working toad

A toad's work is never done.
But never give up, never stop working, never stop believing, and never look back...
because you don't know what might be coming up behind you.

Ahmaghpyzion! :-)


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