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Ernie "Coach" Pantusso
from Cheers

I've always wanted to own a bar, but until I can afford it, I'm settling for this website while I keep working and saving (some of) my money. Why do I dream of being a bar owner? Maybe it's because I watched too many episodes of Cheers as a kid, but being a bar owner like Sam just seems like it would be all fun and games, and cool too. Don't you agree?

My name is Steve, and I am the proprietor and bartender at the Thursty Toad. I've tried making beer in the past, and decided I could get better tasting beer with a lot less work by just going to the store, or over to a friend's house. But I do know how to tap a keg and pour a good pint of ale.

Why the name "Thursty Toad"? Maybe it's because my dad read Wind in the Willows to us when we were kids, and I liked the character of Mr Toad. I also though "Thursty Toad" just sounded right for the name of a pub, even a virtual pub.

What do I do when I'm not pouring cold ones at the Thursty Toad? Well, I do have to work for a living. I also write, blog, tell jokes, and work on projects around the home... you could say I am a proverbial Jack-of-all-trades (and master of none?). I'd like to be like the Dos Equis "Most Incredible Man in the World", but I'm really just an average Joe... well, average Steve... or even, perhaps, a humble but above-average Steve. Maybe someday I'll find the time to write a bit about some of my more interesting projects, like building zip lines, electric Christmas trees, and tree forts, and launching soda pop bottles with compressed air and water.

In any event, that's enough about me for now. A good bartender is supposed to do more listening and less talking, so I'll shut up for now. Feel free to pull up a bar stool, kick off your shoes, and tell me your troubles. The Thursty Toad is a friendly place. Welcome.

If you'd like to drop me a line, or supply a good redneck joke, blonde joke, or pick up line, feel free to send an email to  MrToad [at]


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