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 (warning... if you don't want to risk being offended, please don't continue reading this!)


shot down in flames, epic failure, worst pick up linesBased on the popular demand, we've expanded our original cheesy pick up lines page, and we've added some brand new corny pick up lines and funny pick up lines. We've even decided to add a few of these EPIC FAIL! Pick Up Lines just for laughs. DISCLAIMER: Please do NOT be so stupid as to actually attempt to use these epic failure pick up lines, and also please resist the temptation to suggest any of them to your buddy or wingman, even if he bailed on you at a critical moment.

We can pretty much guarantee that if you were actually dumb enough to decide to use any of these worst of the worst, lame, obnoxious, bad, borderline toxic, indecent, and probably highly politically-incorrect epic-fail pick up lines, you will crash and burn, you will be shot down, you might even get a knee to the groin, and you will go home alone. So read and enjoy them, and chuckle over them with your drinking buddies, but if you are actually going to use a pick up line, please use one of our cheesy, corny, or funny pick up lines, and keep these bad boys where they belong... locked up in your imagination and not coming out of your mouth.

* * * * *

1. Gee, you must be an angel that fell from heaven... but did your face get burned up during re-entry?

2. Gee, you must be an angel that fell from heaven... but it looks like your parachute failed to deploy before your face hit the pavement.

3. Are those real or are they silicone?

4. I know a plastic surgeon that could make your chest bigger... do you want to go out with me?

5. What a beautiful dress... I bet it would look get on the floor by my bed in the morning.

6. Hi, the voices in my head told me that I should come over to you and talk to you.

7. Hello there, I make more money than you can spend.

8. Do you want me to call you in the morning, or just nudge you?

9. Do you know what the difference is between having sex and talking? No, you don't? Well, let's go back to my place and have a conversation about it.

10. I might not be the cutest guy here at the bar... but I'm the only guy talking to you.

11. You might not be the prettiest woman here tonight, but we can take care of that with a flick of the light switch.

12. I've got a paper bag with your name on it.

13. Hi, can you wait here while I go get my beer goggles on?

14. Hi, my psychiatrist gave me the okay to start dating again.

These pick up lines really stink!

Disclaimer: Just to REPEAT, please don't be so boorish, buffoonish, and stupid as to actually use these horribly inappropriate, insensitive, and insulting EPIC FAIL bad pick up lines. If you actually were to use any of these obviously stupid pick up lines, you would be a boor, a lout, an oaf, a clod, a goon, and idiot, and a stupid ass! These dumb pick up lines for idiots are for entertainment value only, and should never, ever, actually be used. If you're looking for good pick up lines that stand a (small) chance of actually working, or at least making the receiver smile and chuckle, then check out our original...
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